Volunteer at House Madalithso / January – April 2015

I had such an amazing and precious time during my three month stay at the House of Safety in Kleinmond.

My time was filled with taking care of the babies needs, like feeding, bathing, calming them, taking them for a walk, changing diapers or playing with them. One of the things I liked most about work was that it was so diversified. I worked for one week at a township crèche where they are taking care of 50 to 54 children on 9 square meters! This was such a special experience which I will never forget. At another week I was helping at a farm with 24 horses and every Wednesday I was the assistant at the soccer program which Zehandi started only when I arrived. Besides all this different opportunities to help, we also renovated the babyhouse, where we could be creative and my experience in painting and carrying cots expanded . Additionally some admin tasks had to be done which was a nice variety.

Besides of all the work we had still enough free time which I loved to spend at the beach that is only 10 minutes walking distances away. You can hike in the mountains; rest at the beach or just have a “lekker” milkshake at the harbor. I felt so welcome since the beginning and every volunteer is treated like a part of a big family.

Praise the Lord for this precious time! Amazing memories, new friends, a lot of patience, Palmiet Beach is a piece of paradise and I´m ready to become a mother ;)


Autumn Harper

WR Volunteer Jan 2014

I learned this month that ministry is not about the highlight reels. Ministry does not always look like feeding orphans and visiting brothels. In fact, ministry is not even about what you previously may have considered ministry. Ministry is a lifestyle if you choose for it to be. It's about building relationships with your neighbors. It's about asking God what it is he wants you to share with your waitress while you order coffee. It's doing what Hebrews 6:10 says--by showing love by caring for other believers.

I was able to experience lifestyle ministry this month, which was an experience I am so grateful for. Being in month 7 of an 11 month journey, having the opportunity to put what I've learned the past 6 months into practice for a month has been a blessing. Jesus is just as present weeding a garden as he is when I'm holding abandoned babies.

Jeremy Cearbaugh

WR Volunteer Aug 2012

I've volunteered over a dozen places internationally.

My time at Zehandi missions stands out as my absolute favourite experience. The staff makes you feel like family, inviting you in to their intimate times of discipleship and bible study. You will not be micro managed, but instead, given freedom to thrive in your gifting.

I left Zehandi not only feeling personally fulfilled but I also took comfort in the knowledge that I was able to leave a lasting impact in Malawi. 


Thomas Wensil

WR Volunteer Aug 2012

Time spent with Zehandi combined hard work, incredible worship, lot of laughs, incredible friendships and awesome food!

I definitely felt tuned into the presence and part of a community that made a difference and mattered.


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