House MadalitshoZehandi Missions South Africa started a baby house that provides temporary residence and place of safety to seven or eight babies/children from birth until about of 10yrs of age, who have been given up for adoption, abandoned or neglected. The house, House Madalitso , is a place where babies/children can be cared for while they await the next stage of their life.

Zehandi Missions Bible College South Africa provides growing Christians with an opportunity for in-depth Bible-based study. We provide study programs to assist students in their studies.
The courses and study programs offered are highly flexible and are geared towards meeting the needs of all Christians. The Study materials are Word-based, God-inspired and relevant to the 21st century Church.

Our aim

Our aim is to help our students deepen their relationship with the Lord and to make them firm and stable in the work of His kingdom. We endeavour to provide an in-depth understanding of the Word of God and not to promote or emphasise the teachings of men.

These courses are a tremendous resource of rich, practical knowledge and wisdom, based on God’s Word, and is an effective aid to spiritual development and are suitable for all believers.

Our purpose

It is the purpose of Powerhouse College to raise up Spirit-anointed leaders who disciple nations. Our purpose is as follows: “To edify the body of Christ, to equip God’s people for the work of the ministry, to unite in faith, to grow in quality, quantity, stability and integrity so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.” (Ephesians 4 : 11 – 16).

Our goals

Our goals are to help our students in the following ways:

  • Develop a strong and deep relationship with the Lord and to make them firm and stable in their walk with the Lord as revealed by the Word through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
  • Prepare them for ministry, leadership and servant hood in the body of Christ and in the work of His kingdom.
  • Impart a correct and clear understanding of the Word of God.

Who should enrol?

The courses are practical and geared towards meeting the needs of Pastors, leaders as well as ordinary Christians who are not in a position to attend Bible School on a full-time basis.

We also encourage those who are young in the Lord to enrol so that spiritual development can take place in an effective manner.

Church-based Bible College

Powerhouse College works closely with local Pastors, Christian leaders and local Churches. Our aim is not to take members out of a particular Church, but rather to appoint the Pastor as the Principal of his own Bible College so that he can mentor his own people from the study material provided. This method has been implemented successfully in many Bible Colleges throughout the world.

Why church-based bible colleges are so effective

They are less expensive to operate than traditional Bible schools.

Because of the changing social and economic landscape, many people no longer have time to attend two to four years of full-time Bible school. With this form of schooling people can be mentored without leaving their local Church, their job or home for extended periods of time.

Affordable, anointed bible study courses available from Certificate to Doctor’s Degree.

Credits will be given for previous studies as well as Ministry experience.

All our courses are available in printed book, or downloadable digital format. We want to make sure you receive your work as soon as possible.

Students can choose from the following options:

  • We can post your book and exam to you
  • We can email all your work to you

There is a course that will meet your individual need!

  • Certificate in Ministry
  • Diploma in Ministry
  • Bachelor's Degrees
  • Honour's Degree
  • Master’s Degrees
  • Doctor's Degree
  • Ordination

A huge part of Zehandi Missions that we are very excited about is our new Bible University that will be opening this coming year. Our vision is to create an inter-denominational learning environment where those who are called into ministry will be able to come to study and dig deeper into the Word of God. All Nations Christian University's goal will be to equip and empower the next generation of pastors, evangelists, and church leaders, so that they will be adequately prepared to further God's kingdom through their specific calling and area of study.


Zehandi Missions is running this campaign with One World Play Project to raise ultra-durable One World Futbols, soccer balls that never need a pump and never go flat, for recipient organization.

Make a difference: Buy a soccer ball and give joy to a child.


Project leader: Victor Nkhwachi

The vision for a Zehandi soccer project first came in 2008 when God revealed a key into releasing His Kingdom. The world loves soccer, so why not bring the love of Christ to where they already are?

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