While Zehandi Missions currently has a base and established ministry in Malawi and Zambia, we recently felt God pointing out some areas that we need to address… and therefore calling us to add our own country, South Africa, in our mission’s vision.

Cape Town

One of the areas that comes as a concern when working in a foreign country with a different culture, is that uneducated, cultural insensitive new missionaries is a big stumbling block in handing over the gospel to foreign communities outside their own culture, which can in effect be more harmful than what they thought.

The second point what God pointed out is the hurt and the pain and the need of our own people in South Africa. Therefore, Zehandi Missions South Africa has been a natural outflow of these things that God had been laying on our hearts. After initiating the process, the desire, however, is that Johan and Marie will establish the ministry and programs that God has shown them and will also train local missionaries in the operation and vision of Zehandi Missions South Africa.

After training and equipping local missionaries, we will be splitting our time between the two main bases, South Africa and Malawi. God has provided a wonderful site that will serve as  the South Africa base and our family house at the same time, housing for our other staff members when in South Africa, facilitate as the training centre, accommodate House Madalitso (the baby halfway house), and the missionary volunteers accommodation while in SA. From here we will also serve the people and other ministries in Cape Town.

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