It feels like a bucket of ice cold water has been dumped over my head, or should I say ice cold beer or no wait baptism water. It all depends in which building you choose to find yourself.

I thank God that I have a platform to talk from. I have a bit of experience under the belt about both places, so from there I question God?

Who is more important to you? The lost soul in the bar, or the uninformed pastor?

Day after day in the temple courts and from house to house they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Messiah. Acts 5:42 NIV

How dare we even ask this question? Will God not leave the 99 behind to find the one lost sheep, whether he finds himself in the bar or in the church?

"I refuse to expose my soul to false doctrine!" It is the latest I have heard among Godly believers that was called to stand in full time ministry. What is up with that God?

Did we not count the cost, and did we not say YES LORD, whatever the cost, whatever it looks like, use me to be the light or the salt even if I struggle with life sometimes myself?

We are so quick to run out of a church or judge the pastor or the person behind the pulpit for bringing the word. Waiting for him to make a doctrinal mistake so we can have an excuse to crucify him.

But we will sit for hours in a bar, drink a beer, smoke a cigarette and spend hour’s bickering with the lost about God and His Word in our compromised state, in the name of evangelism, because our soul is not exposed then. What is up with that?

Evangelism by definition: 
Noun: preaching, spreading the word, spreading the gospel, telling the gospel message.
Life-style by definition: A way of life or style of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group.


Lifestyle evangelism is a 24/7 choice. And is total dependency on Christ for protection against false exposure wherever that is, in a church, a bar or on the couch watching the TV. For discernment that the Holy Spirit will cover the seed that enters your heart and that only in Him, will there be germination, that He will be our teacher, that we will keep our eyes directed above and on people.

Lifestyle evangelism means an attitude of humbleness, servant hood and a life of love and no condemnation whether directed at a God fearing person covered in tattoos and piercings or a person that just struggles with sin or a Christian that struggles to understand God word. The moment we accepted the restoration work of Christian our life, we accepted the great commission the responsibility - to through our daily attitudes, our God given ability to love and our attitude to evangelize with our life. The only way to overcome the work of the enemy is:

  1. through the Blood of the lamb and through
  2. the power of our testimony

Our testimony is a way of living, eating, talking, thinking, reading, watching. Every part of our life, all day.

I, covered in love and free from judgement ask that You will use me, in any way You see fit, to help guide the man, that stood up out of the gutter and that was so grateful for Your mercy that he decided to dedicate his whole life to You, preaching and serving. Please help him and me to get to know You better. To create a hunger in us for Your Word and help him to give a sound word in his willingness to work for You.

I, covered in love and free from judgement ask that You will use me, in any way You see fit to help the broken man, that is still struggling with the flesh to stand up out of the gutter, and to turn to You for his salvation and to find a reason to glorify You in everything. Lord use me in such a way that there is no reason for me to compromise my lifestyle dedicated to You, as You said we were bought at a price, and we should keep our bodies holy. Please help him and me to get to know You better, to create a hunger in us for Your Word.

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