One day I googled about orphans and I stumbled on a story about a lady that lives up north, she had a heart for children and started taking kids in. Before she knew it she had 17 kids, she adopted 11. When the house got to small she asked a friend to buy the house behind her and she started taking kids in. 13 kids later they bought another house, until they had 4 houses, broke down the inner border walls and build a nursery in the middle.

Tears were rolling off my face as I showed this to my husband and said THIS is what I want to do... He was very worried and said “Slow down my girl, this is big what you talking about!!” I just said, “If God says YES nobody will say NO.”

So that afternoon I shared this vision with a friend, Sarah (my daughter’s horse riding trainer) and out of the blue she responded: “Come and do it here on our farm!” I, needless to say was in shock, and told my husband what she said, so he said, “set up a meeting”.

And that is where it started.

The owner gave us, 4 dilapidating old farm workers houses on 2ha of ground, on his farm, connected to the see, next to the wildlife reserve, with the wild horses. He gave us a 99 year lease, with the right to give it to our children for the “orphanage”.

 Dilapidating houseDilapidating house

So we started working...

We took out 9 trees from inside the houses, grass carpets that have grown over the 18 years inside the houses. We took out 400 alien trees in one weekend, so we can start will the restoring process. 

Then the community started to get involved, home-school moms and their children. 

We scraped, carried rocks, got bulldozers in.

Scraping windowsRemoving trees

Then we started with the restoring process.

We painted, we build, we made new doors and closed old ones, we put roofs on and prayed a lot.

Building walls  Building walls  Painting  Roof

Now we have this...

Lovely home  Nursery Playground

But we are still far away from where we are going, what we are dreaming to achieve.

Plans Plans

And the kids...

They are happy...

Playing Happy

Currently we are building the baby house’s bathroom and kitchen

Busy building

We pray you see our dream..


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